Info for Models

Use this form to contact me if you are interesting in photo session. Just write down some words about yourself and attach some pictures from your live.

Please read short f.a.q. below the contact form. And thank you for your decision.


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  • Where are you from and where do you live?

    Born and has grown in the city of Saint-Petersburg Russia. My studio based in Saint-Petersburg in one of business centers.

  • How do you find Models and who are they?

    I love to work with people I’m comfortable with. Usually I find models by my self. I can simply meet a girl on the streets and ask her to be my model. It is not a predicted situation, I just see something in people what I like to shoot. My models are not professionals. They are people around us.

  • Is Photography you job?

    No it is not. I have my main job which I love. Photography is just a hobby and the way to express my self.

  • What kind of photographer are you?

    Creativity as a reflection of me and communications with this world, attitudes with people surrounding me is that is interesting to me. A photo is not more than the tool for this creativity.

    I don’t like to call my self a photographer, a “shaper” maybe, this term does not say about the person more than about his capability to issue an idea. The photographer is more likely a predicate of the shaper.

  • I need a portfolio & How much?

    I don’t do any portfolios. I shoot things which are interesting for me. I shoot my attitude and my self. But models who work with me usually can compose portfolio after some shooting sessions.

    Nothing. As I sad, photography is not my job.

  • I never worked as a model how is it?

    As I sad, all my models are not professionals. Trust me, it is my part of job to make you comfortable. Actually, nothing special, just 4 - 5 hours and your good mood.

  • I want to be your model.

    First of all thank you for this decision. Remember I leave in Russia and I don’t know my plans on traveling. I might be in your country, so, if you have friends with studio we might try.

    If you live in Russia or you have plans to travel in to then there is no problem at all.

    Just use contact form below to send me the e-mail with some words about you and attach some photos. Just regular photos from your live, nothing special.