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  1. Roge Photo Home - New wallpaper Says:

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  2. wza Says:

    gr8 wallpaper. thanx

  3. Sam Says:

    Fantastic photography

  4. Richard Young Says:

    Superb photography. Truly excellent composition.

    Keep it up.

    Best wishes


  5. Mathew Says:

    Just recognized the typo in your Title (On the top right corner of your wallpaper) ;)
    Should be “I only fly away” instead of “I olny fly away” shouldn’t it?
    Never mind. The wallpaper itself is as amazing as the rest of your work.

  6. roge Says:

    Mathew: Thank you. Corrected.

  7. J.Roberts Says:

    I love your work. How do you get the fuzzy look on your photos.

  8. Terry Says:

    I love your lighting and posing. Very impressive and accomplished.
    Are you shooting digital or scanning film? The post processing is very smooth.



  9. salah Says:

    Dear Master
    I really astonished , you have the key of simplicity , wrapped by deep emotions , you transfer us to a new world of imagination , what i can say is that i wait every scratch of your great art
    in peace leave you

  10. Steve Says:

    WOW……All I can say is WOW!!!!!

    Never liked nude art photos before. Your posing, lighting, naming, and beautiful women make me want to know how you do it.

    How about a tutorial on your equipment and methods?

    Thanks for the BEST!!

  11. Eric Says:

    Can’t get over how soft and perfect your images are!


  12. tembalami Says:

    breth tekin give me tips man

  13. Rodge Says:

    I’m myself a photographer and I must congratulate you for your excellent work. I like
    your colors. Keep on your fine work.
    Félicitations encore une fois!

  14. Deljo Thekkekkara Says:

    nice lighting and posing . Are you using digital?

    good works. i like it….

  15. Jorge Says:

    Your work is asome !!!!
    Saludo de Mexico

  16. saeed Says:

    thanks 4 ur open eyes

  17. Ger Says:

    Beautiful work!!!!

  18. Сергей Says:

    Русских почитателей я чтото не вижу, и ли лень отстучать автору.
    Обои порадовали!

  19. roge Says:

    Сергей: Русских тут много ). Спасибо за ваши комментарии, боюсь только не все поймут слэнг фотору )

  20. Nikolaev Kirill Says:

    Great work my friend. Nowadays I should let you know, that most of them interesting, and few is just perfect. Good luck, and call me back, if you will have some offline print catalog or something with your works. Thank you.

  21. A ron Says:

    you pay close attention to the lines, i think that is good…”tango,” and “its a new dawn” especially.

  22. andros Says:

    fantastico poerta de la imagen

  23. Vahe Says:

    No comment!
    You definitely know the taste of art. I couldn’t pass by silently for I really enjoyed your amazing works.

  24. Richard Says:

    I just ran across your wonderfull site I think I will hang around for a while and LEARN something.

  25. LISS Says:

    Я поражен!!! Фотографии, модели и талант фотографа не перестают удивлять. Рад что на просторах рунета есть такие уголки, где можно увидеть неподдельную красоту…

  26. Elias Says:

    Ei parempaa tyyliä ole olemassa. Studio kuvat ainutlaatuisia ja täydellisiä. Olen yrittänyt löytää samaa kuviini.
    “perfect your images”

  27. Elias Says:

    Our experiences, in relation to a person and what we feel in our minds - all these things have an effect portrait photography and to the moment that is so fast and will be gone by when the picture is saved. Image really means something, but it is not the property of a picture, it is our own subjective interpretation. Camera indeed captures something special from its object, a person, but only we ourselves can make that mean something.

  28. Gerald Says:

    Your pictures are truly astounding…I wish I could take portraits as good as you…breath taking…just gorgeous…you capture emotions in pictures…

  29. pomy Says:

    realy its great i like it very much wow &wow

  30. dimchik Says:

    very nice. очень понравилось.

  31. Mark Says:

    it’s great ot see a photographer that is able to sculpt with light and the presence of the moment
    simple and elegant … best regards and look forward to seeing more of your work

  32. ASL Says:

    Мдя, удивлён дважды! Качеством работ и автором, когда искал ваши работы ожидал их найти где угодно но только не в зоне .ru

  33. hadi Says:

    just photo very beautiful…..

  34. Mark Says:

    I love your work. It would be nice if you turned more of your photos into backgrounds! Or provide larger images so I could do it :p

  35. raghav Says:

    hi great lighting,great composition,beautiful models, but still there is something missing like the essence.i felt.

  36. Iva Says:

    Beautiful website, beautiful artwork, mne nravitsa!

    And I think I like PhotoPress now, looking forward to your hacks, as well.

  37. hundefutter Says:

    hi great lighting,great composition,beautiful models, just photo very beautiful…“perfect your images”
    best regards from germany

  38. Rami Says:

    it’s true…you are a master.

  39. Andrew a.k.a. Stylish Nihilist Says:

    Me Again, probably didn’t get my comment, but I just wanted to reiterate my Thanks and Praise of your artistic ability. I’m defitnetly a fan.

  40. C Says:

    I like the colour of your photos, keep going. Look forward to more excellent work

  41. METJM Says:

    Beautiful work!!!!

    very sensual

    Jean Marc

  42. AlAzif Says:

    You are the best!!!!

  43. AARart Says:

    I just love them! You are the best!!!!

  44. C-moi Says:

    Good work…Never saw something like that miracle.

  45. Bridget Says:

    Это очень красиво.
    Рада, что у хороших фотографов теперь есть хороший интернет ;)

  46. Павел Says:

    Фотограф просто гений! Ни каждалу дано творичь чудеса с фотоаппаратом! Спасибо автору за такие прекрасные работы!

  47. Hria Says:

    nice work man. A friend, sent me the “awake” wallpaper, and the first step wuz to check the website.
    What can i say, lights r immaginative, and the ph tenique tends to become a tredemark of yours. i,m still searching. Beyond this, your work ts beautiful, speaking of art, and this ts not something to be learned.

  48. Says:

    so beautiful and amazing

  49. Andrew Says:

    You are so lucky to be able to create such beauty. It is communication at a spiritual level. I try in my own way, but am not nearly so far down the road as you. You encourage me to keep going. Thank you.

  50. Antonio Says:

    I agree with Andrew, my best opinion is o repeat his: “You are so lucky to be able to create such beauty. It is communication at a spiritual level.” GREAT work

  51. Daedalus Says:

    Brilliant stuff! love the blog, love the touch of class! Keep it up!

  52. Jean Marc Says:

    Seulement un maitre pour moi Thank

  53. sinatko Says:

    You have the touch of the grand masters !!!

  54. rajiv Says:

    great work
    god bless

  55. Kuldeep Virdi Says:

    its a great work i like it very much
    Simply WoW

  56. Vernon Trent Says:

    thanks for sharing your superb work. :-)

    cheers, v.t.

  57. Vikram Madan Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Lovely photography.

  58. Matthias Says:

    sehr ansprechende Models, wunderbare Fotos ;-)

    beautiful models, just photo very beautiful…
    best regards from germany

  59. Sandrine Says:

    j’adore votre travail
    que du bonheur pour les yeux

  60. victor Says:

    Im mexican man i won to sey im see yuor images in the publiciti and yuor work is wonderful plis send me pictures like this

    tanks and congratulations

    atte el vic

  61. Mariusz Wodzicki Says:


    I am impressed by your “Impressed by Olga”.

    В этом произведении вы приблизились к настоящим мастерам живописи прошлых столетий.

    Не знаю было ли это вашим намерением или нет, но вам удалось, Егор, тонко передать дихотомию между миром души и миром тела. Вдумчивому зрителю будет ясно насколько больше интереса, и я бы даже сказал классической гармонни и красоты, в сочетании лица Ольги и того как вы ее уложили на софе, чем в геометрическом совершенстве ее обнаженных ягодиц, которые кажутся принадлежащими не ей а софе.

    Во время осмотра вашего произведения у меня даже возникло желание ‘одеть’ Ольгу, устраняя таким образом напряжение между этими двумя элементами. Вы не согласны?


    Mariusz Wodzicki

  62. Waldo Says:

    I really like “light going through” and “Impressed by Olga” got me impressed too. You really know how to choose your models. Anyway I like in fact all of your work. I’m already a fan. I really don’t know about photography but I certainly know how to recognize good stuff with just looking at it. Is so hard to find good stuff around that it simply slaps you in the face when you see it.

  63. [vaughany] dot com » Blog Archive » Fun-stuff-o-rama Says:

    […] (More like this here.) […]

  64. Rajib Das Says:

    WOW - Those were the only words that came to my mind when i saw the photographs. They are simply wonderful, the mood - perfect.
    Keep up the good work and God bless.

  65. roger Says:

    never seen such good photography.
    hegre & co. is a sh.. compared to this artwork.
    thanks for your site

  66. ersin Says:

    realy good.

  67. sudhir Says:

    beautifull of flowers,
    these r lovelly on thedesktops

  68. Bharath Says:

    Real creative work.. i’m big fan of this website now.. want more wallpapers from u..

  69. KYO Says:

    Егор, вы великолепны! Восхищаюсь вашими работами.

  70. галюха Says:

    обнажённую натуру уважаю. Сама пишу. Но фото искусством не считаю.

  71. shameem Says:

    Every peice or photograph is innovative, thoughtful and peculiarly beautiful artwork. keep creating such pleasant photos and thank you for bringing all these artwork to us.

  72. Krystian J Says:

    I am in love with your work!

    Amazing stuff.

  73. sirio ( ITALY ) Says:


    пожалуйста сообщите нам название модели “ЦВЕТЫ” … только название ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, Эта девушка сказочные
    (Имя - Судьба в название)

    PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME …only the name of model “flowers” THANKS…she is fantastic
    (The Namesake)

    PER FAVORE DICCI IL NOME …solo il nome DELLA MODELLA “FLOWERS” grazie… e’ favolosa
    (Il destino nel nome - in latin: ‘Nomen omen’)

  74. roge Says:

    sirio: Her name is Varia. The complete russian name is Varwara.

  75. boberov Says:

    Очень понравилась брюнетка в изогнутой позе. еле сдержался. Придупреждайте хотя бы, что выкладываете такие вкусные фотки.

  76. jackanape Says:

    You composition, lines, and overall form are stunning. I found your work compelling in thumbnail form alone, but it is inspiring in its larger format. You models are beautiful, but more importantly, they are transcendant in your work…please keep creating!

  77. Тимур Says:

    понравились обои!

  78. Дмитрий Says:

    скачаю обои

  79. Lowyer Says:

    ммммм, красота! Качаю уже!

  80. Виталий Says:

    Мне понравились некоторые обои, но их мало.
    Только бы увеличить их число, а так - красиво.

  81. Davis Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the posts

  82. Герман Says:

    жаль что некоторые обои здесь сделаны через принт скрин, а сами по себе они просто фантастичны

  83. Карл Петров Says:

    Действительно хорошие фотографии, сразу видно у автора свой взгляд на искусство

  84. antonostro Says:

    Просто супер
    Поставил и радуюсь

  85. host Says:

    Эротично, со вкусом

  86. Ninja Says:

    This is wonderful work. thank you ^_^

  87. Cyphor Says:

    You made my desktop, Egor, you made my day!

  88. Allen Says:

    Wonderful sharing!

  89. http://agrotara-alt.ru Says:

    Классные фотообои…спасибо скачал

  90. artretouch Says:

    Отличные фотографии. Радуют глаз.

  91. max Says:


  92. francesco Coracir S Vieira Says:

    Tudo de bom!
    South America.

  93. ganu Says:

    WOW Thats Amazing very beautiful and delicate art love to see more of it keep it up

  94. Шульц Says:

    сказать что это красиво или прекрасно будет мало.Твоё искувство действительно захватывает душу!))Искувство не льзя описать его можно только почувствовать и в твоих фото оно есть!!!Ну одним словом молодец честно очень красиво))

  95. Thileb Says:

    Great job.. really.. Thanx

  96. BOB Says:

    Very nice images and render look.

  97. RONZ Says:

    Great work….Seriously Love IT!!

  98. http://stroymak.ru/ Says:

    Очень очаровала ваша глава, в ней замазано очень многовато поднято с нашей общечеловеческой повседневной жизни и это даже превосходно! Есть над чем размыслить

  99. http://stroymak.ru/ Says:

    Очаровательно! Прекрасные фото!

  100. kiserp Says:

    прекрасные обои: отличные фото с красивыми женщинами.
    Вы обладаете удивительным умением показать красоту…

  101. yu inkol Says:

    Thanks for your fantstic works

  102. robic Says:


  103. andrey-voyn Says:

    Высочайший уровень эстетики и вкуса.

  104. Kwame Bour Says:

    its amazing how you make me love art with you breathtaking images.
    you are the best

  105. Mancu Says:

    I like your work very much. You got some real awesome pictures on your homepage - I am very impressed about them!

    Go on!

    Many many greetings from Germany,

  106. Ba Horus Says:

    Hi, could you tell me the font used on Odalisque (Vista Aero optimized wallpaper). Thank you. I have been avid follower of your work for years. Simply superb

  107. parixit Says:

    hey u really worked hard at concept. i like your work. keep it up.

  108. Generic Cialis Says:

    Fantastic, really like that

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