RT-Healing Brush tool

NOTE: I suppose that you have Adobe Photoshop (better CS version) and you have spent some time to learn basic shortcuts and tools. All tutorials was done on CS version under Microsoft Windows XP. All tools and filters parameters are set up for a good quality images (minimum 300 dpi). Don’t work with JPG images!

This is a short tutorial which will show the basic usage of Healing brush tool in skin retouch. Short, because this is actually the easiest part in retouch and because I don’t use healing brush tool to much.

How to choose between Patch Tool and Healing Brush? Personally I use Healing brush only on eyes to remove capillaries and on obvious skin irritations. This mean Healing Brush tool is not useful for large pieces of skin. The reason is, if you will use Healing Brush with a “small Hardness brush” you will have many skin jitters (it might be good, but for all skin and not for some places), on the other hand it will be really difficult to avoid brush borders with big Hardness brush. So, you better use Patch Tool for large pieces of skin.

On the next image you see fragment from the portrait “Model Inside” (published in gallery).
The model has many capillaries in eyes. I will work with Healing Brush tool with brush Hardness 50%. There is no reason to talk too much here. Just take a look on steps:

skin retouch healing brush
skin retouch healing brush
skin retouch healing brush

Here are useful notes about Healing brush tool:

Change your source pattern [ALT-Click] as often as possible. Actually you better do this every usage of Healing brush.

The source pattern should be as close to target place as possible. This is because Healing Brush is trying to keep skin structure of source pattern, so, take a source pattern from cheek if you want to remove birthmark from cheek of model.

To avoid merging of colors on “color jumps” take source pattern with same “color jump” (close to target).

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  1. cbrukin Says:

    I was wondering if you know of a way to get that bronzed look that you see on yahoo celebrity pics. I can e-mail you an example

  2. yogesh Says:

    still need to do something with the tuts, looks as if incomplete.
    else photography is really very very nice.!!!

  3. Will Says:

    This is good, although it isnt so accurate, i oughta play with the brush! Thnx anyways

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