Talking photos

After 20 minutes of translation of the signature under last work I have finally decided to duplicate the text in Russian. I love to speak with photo but my knowledge of English does not suffice to state conceived. photos digg:Talking photos spurl:Talking photos wists:Talking photos simpy:Talking photos newsvine:Talking photos blinklist:Talking photos furl:Talking photos reddit:Talking photos fark:Talking photos blogmarks:Talking photos Y!:Talking photos smarking:Talking photos magnolia:Talking photos segnalo:Talking photos

4 Responses to “Talking photos”

  1. Jurgita Says:

    Nice photos:) I agree- the native language gives a freedom that any other language fails to give. Good luck with your work.

    I am Lithuanian and have always liked Russian people (maybe some kind of nostalgy to your generous natives:). I even try to practice once in a while my Russian language which I learned at school.

  2. roge Says:

    May be some of my comments will help you in practice ) and I will learn to express my self while reading comments to photos, they often contain exact words )

  3. сбарро заказ пиццы Says:

    cool pics!

  4. zzq Says:

    очень красиво
    и блог сам по себе радует теплотой

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