2 Days War with IE5

I have notice that I have about 10% visitors who is using Internet Explorer 5. First of all, people!!! stop using this buggy browser! Please, spend 5 min. and get your self a real stuff like Mozilla or Opera. Belive me, you will open a different web world for your self =)

So, my next wish was to look on my site through IE5. WOW )) That was painful. Actually, I have found, that it was possible to reach a photo gallery, but the whole site make-up was well… shit.

Want to try IE5 glasses? Here is a really good link. Thanks to people who made this. Now we have a collection of stand alone browsers which can be installed on Windows computer without crash or removal of previous (main) version. Here you go: Evolt browsers collection.

A small tip: You need only the directory “standalone”. Download the version you need, extract and run. I have try IE5 it works perfect on XP.

It was really funny to browse my favourite sites using IE5. Most of them siply don’t work ).

I wouldn’t describe all the fixes I have done with my site to make it look exactly like with IE6. There was maaaany. Now, IE5 visitors, unfortunately I can’t fix left column, so, you wouldn’t see last shot, last tutorials and comments, USE the menu.

I have done a small tutorial about separate CSS attachment. This should help people to attach a different or additional css file with fixes for IE5. Please take a look Separate CSS for IE5.

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  1. Алексей Says:

    Да уж… когда наконец умрет это детище microsoft…

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