Safari Emulator. Test your web

safari browser emulatorI have notice that I got many visitors who is using Mac Os X integrated browser “Safari”. The browser itself is a very conditioned and follows all the w3c standards.

The problem with it is that not all web developers can check their sites on it, because there is no Windows port of Safari (only some rumors about Apple plans).

Personally, I have found a friend with Mac ) thanks to him, but I also have found a good resource which should help you to see how is your web resource looks in Safari browser. The resource iCapture was actually down when I have try to use it =) but this is because of server overloading. Emulator. Test your web digg:Safari Emulator. Test your web spurl:Safari Emulator. Test your web wists:Safari Emulator. Test your web simpy:Safari Emulator. Test your web newsvine:Safari Emulator. Test your web blinklist:Safari Emulator. Test your web furl:Safari Emulator. Test your web reddit:Safari Emulator. Test your web fark:Safari Emulator. Test your web blogmarks:Safari Emulator. Test your web Y!:Safari Emulator. Test your web smarking:Safari Emulator. Test your web magnolia:Safari Emulator. Test your web segnalo:Safari Emulator. Test your web

7 Responses to “Safari Emulator. Test your web”

  1. Vishal Sharma Says:

    I want to see how my webpage looks in Safari

  2. Marcus Sykes Says:

    Aparantly it’s possible to install a macintosh OS emulator and then install safari on a linux based system. May be worth adding a linux partition on your pc’s for some.

  3. John Powell Says:

    Can anybody tell me how to install mac os on a pc (maybe on a virtual pc) to test these things?

  4. John Powell Says:

    by the way icapture is still down

  5. Jacques Says:

    Safari is also available for the Windows platform. Find ite here:

  6. Michael Dinowitz Says:

    The windows version does not seem to operate in the exact way that the mac version does. A problem in CSS layout on a mac shows normal in the windows version. :(

  7. dotc Says:

    Ну теперь то уж эмулятор под Windows есть…

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