My works on “Ping Yao photography festival”

Roge on pip show

I had my first Asian country exhibition! People from “CBS Interactive China” contacted me and helped to organize everything. Big thanks to Allen Teng who helped all this to come true. First, before the show, Allen published some of my works on their WEB site and translated general information about me in to Chinese (Roge photo gallery in Chinese). And second he printed everything for the show itself.

The exhibition called “Ping Yao photography festival”. This show was important step for me, as I never exposed anything to Asian people and it was VERY interesting to find out Chinese people attitude to my work.

Unfortunately I was too busy these days and had no chances to visit the exhibition by myself.  Allen send me some pictures from show and told me that my works was one of the most popular part of whole exhibition!

I’m really surprised and happy with this. So, I want to thank Allen again and all the people who visited the exhibition.

I worked with Chinese people and really love them and the country itself, but now I know, I also have my spectators in China! works on  digg:My works on  spurl:My works on  wists:My works on  simpy:My works on  newsvine:My works on  blinklist:My works on  furl:My works on  reddit:My works on  fark:My works on  blogmarks:My works on  Y!:My works on  smarking:My works on  magnolia:My works on  segnalo:My works on

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  1. hamadi assa Says:


  2. Quady Trójmiasto Says:

    Roge - you Rock :D

  3. Allen Says:

    Hi, E, It`s my pleasure to do these everithing for you. Your works r amazing and wonderful. I`m a good spectator of your works.

  4. roge Says:

    Allen, thank you again :) Hope to see you soon, during my next trip to China!

  5. 6EJIKA Says:

    Давно не заходила, а тут такие новости!! Мои поздравления!!! Когда покажешь фото-отчет? ;)


  6. Spacereal Says:


  7. Saya Says:

    Great. I didn’t know you were exhibiting.
    Keep us entertained :)

  8. Juli Says:

    Как приятно видеть твои успехи, мои восхищения по этому поводу. Юлия

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