Smugmug professional account

SmugMugFrom the first look the well known photography service SmugMug can scare you with the sign up price. I was wondering that service, without any kind of free accounts, is such a popular place.

After reading of their forum I have decide to try SmugMug. The only account type which cover all my needs was professional. 150$ for one year is not a low price for photo sharing and hosting service.

But don’t worry, you will have a chance to try all the professional futures without any payments! It is not obvious from site design and sign up procedure but it is true. Feel free to join and don’t afraid of money question )).

And I wasn’t disappointed. I can say SmugMug was done by photographers for photographers. So, what is inside?:

  • Well done organized galleries management with possibility to work with bunch of photos
  • Usable photo uploading (different way but I recommend Java applet)
  • Very usable and understandable pricing management. Prices can be applied not only for one photo but for the whole gallery or for all the photos you have uploaded
  • Different kind of photo protections including watermarks and right click protection
  • Absolute freedom in your page look and feel setup! Supports html, css, javascript
  • Set of tools to work with your photos including crop, rotate, color setting, brightness, contrast etc… Such tools will help you to prepare your photo for printing
  • Very nice statistics. You will see not only visitors, but also sizes of photos they saw and the amount of traffic they generated
  • Huge amount of print options. Different sizes and paper

I was enjoined to browse and use SmugMug and have transfered all my prints to this service. professional account digg:Smugmug professional account spurl:Smugmug professional account wists:Smugmug professional account simpy:Smugmug professional account newsvine:Smugmug professional account blinklist:Smugmug professional account furl:Smugmug professional account reddit:Smugmug professional account fark:Smugmug professional account blogmarks:Smugmug professional account Y!:Smugmug professional account smarking:Smugmug professional account magnolia:Smugmug professional account segnalo:Smugmug professional account

19 Responses to “Smugmug professional account”

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  2. przepisy kulinarne Says:

    Gorgeous photos. Beautifully made page. Congratulations.

  3. cij Says:

    Абалденные фото

  4. Мартин Says:

    Да, аккаунт скоро сделаю там 100%

  5. Диана Says:

    жаль что на английском все, ничего не разобрала.

  6. deggit Says:

    А какой особый смысл там регистрироваться? Я не очень понимаю…

  7. schidan Says:

    Да нету в общем-то смысла… То же самое можно на твиттере сделать вроде. (если я правильно понял)

  8. Диана Says:

    а для чего это вообще? ничего не поняла

  9. Аделина Says:

    Может для иностранцев…

  10. Miller Says:

    Спасибо большое:)

  11. Инна Says:

    В целом стало понятно

  12. ПупезоиД Says:

    Я бы не сказал что преимущества есть, но всё же

  13. Арсений Says:

    отличный пост, зацепило

  14. Прораб Says:

    А как регистрироваться там ? Русская версия сервиса есть ?

  15. пофигист Says:

    да там всё просто, чего вы тупите ?

  16. belbor Says:

    НЕ думаю что есть смысл там с регистрации

  17. Юрий Says:

    belbor разве ? причины ?

  18. Злата Says:

    Думаю речь немного не туда зашла

  19. @chrisco Says:

    I wish SmugMug had an amateur account for people who only sell a few photos. At $150 per year, the breakeven point is too high for a whole (large) segment of photographer (I guess SmugMug doesn’t care about them?). Cheers!

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