Second css reboot in 2006

Here we go… I finally got some responses about my previous reset and… they was not good. Friends told me that the design itself was good but too usual, without any author spirit.
I got many visitors here, people leave comments, write to me, discuss… why no one has sad that I was blind and my previous reset was bad ))?

Anyway, sorry for so many redesigns and welcome to the 3th version of site. I only hope you will like it. css reboot in 2006 digg:Second css reboot in 2006 spurl:Second css reboot in 2006 wists:Second css reboot in 2006 simpy:Second css reboot in 2006 newsvine:Second css reboot in 2006 blinklist:Second css reboot in 2006 furl:Second css reboot in 2006 reddit:Second css reboot in 2006 fark:Second css reboot in 2006 blogmarks:Second css reboot in 2006 Y!:Second css reboot in 2006 smarking:Second css reboot in 2006 magnolia:Second css reboot in 2006 segnalo:Second css reboot in 2006

5 Responses to “Second css reboot in 2006”

  1. hemaworstje Says:

    have been an admirer since you started with your first picture
    still love them , but the latest casting ( the sharp nosed one ) is non erotic in my eyes.
    not your fault the pictures are excellent.
    Hate giving critics but without comments you would have a ego..

  2. schnuck33 Says:

    wow. i didn?t see the previous versions, but this one is truly unique and beautiful! congrats!

  3. Матвей Says:

    зря вы на английском, половина читателей не поймут.

  4. автогонщик Says:

    Матвеи не беспокоитесь, кому надо поимут.

  5. Podiatrist Glossop Says:

    I really enjoyed this.. What a good Article!!

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