Manuscripts of the forgotten words

Each of us has forgotten, but gone through words, which are saved in us all life. Personal to everyone and connected with the different moments in a life but if we remember them, it means they are very important, beautiful and kind words.

As well as you, my spectator, I already will never tell them, but I wish to show even a part from them in my works. of the forgotten words digg:Manuscripts of the forgotten words spurl:Manuscripts of the forgotten words wists:Manuscripts of the forgotten words simpy:Manuscripts of the forgotten words newsvine:Manuscripts of the forgotten words blinklist:Manuscripts of the forgotten words furl:Manuscripts of the forgotten words reddit:Manuscripts of the forgotten words fark:Manuscripts of the forgotten words blogmarks:Manuscripts of the forgotten words Y!:Manuscripts of the forgotten words smarking:Manuscripts of the forgotten words magnolia:Manuscripts of the forgotten words segnalo:Manuscripts of the forgotten words

17 Responses to “Manuscripts of the forgotten words”

  1. kody Says:

    Truely wonderful capture! Impressed with your style!

  2. Daedalus Says:

    I found your site by chance and will definitely check back here. Your work is absolutely stunning!!

  3. BIG RED Says:


  4. mriduljoshi Says:…mm…. if suppose some one would ask me to describe the MEDITATION i would say look at “MANUSCRIPT OF FORGOTTON WORDS” just look ….a….look a pure look

  5. Kirill Says:

    Всё более очарован твоим видением и пониманием. Рад знакомству! Пожалуйста снимай…)

  6. Curt Says:

    I am so impressed with your vision. You start with fantastic models, but you bring out of the deeper beauty and the art that lies hidden beneath their exterior skin. I will come back again to visit.

  7. s a e e d Says:

    Hi to u , my friend .

  8. walter humala Says:

    people moods gets caught when nude.

  9. safe Says:

    Logging into this website should be a requirement for anyone knowledgeable on earth these days…

  10. Ralf Says:

    Very beautiful and tasteful! You are an exemplary art nude photographer!

  11. canadian Says:

    Nice work chief ;-)

  12. Scott Says:

    This photo is the most impressive one I have seen so far on your page (and there are many good ones). It says so much, and really evokes emotion in the viewer. It is turbulent. We are all that woman. This photo speaks in ineffable ways.

  13. FlashFire Says:

    Magnificent. What more can I say…
    All of your work takes my breath away…

  14. Арнольд Says:

    девушка думает, красиво получается у вас!

  15. Геннадий Says:

    одна из моих любимых ваших картин, повесил бы у себя в спальне!

  16. Инга Says:

    очень красиво, я просто потрясена как так можно рисовать

  17. Карина Says:

    You are an exemplary art nude photographer!

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