Blog CSS Reboot !

Looks like 80% done. This is new look and feel of “Roge Photo Ladder” in 2006.

What for have I changed design? There where many reasons. First of all I’m tired from the old version. It was necessary to me to have more spacious and easy design in which blog would be easy to write. My previous version was to complex for navigation and extension.

I also should notice that my previous design has been stolen minimum two times (which I have found). Shame on you guys! (… but I am proud of this =) )

I have changed my Prints delivery service. The company name is ImageKind and I would like to try their service.

As you can see I’m switched to 1024×768 layout. There steel visitors with 800×600 monitors but I can’t continue to support this resolution. The photosite which shows large images needs space.

As usual the whole site is powered by most good blog engine Wordpress.

I would like to say Thank You to the authors of plugins I use:

  • Adsence-Delux - the best way to insert Google Adcense in to your wordpress blog.
  • WP-Notable - this plugin will insert links to your posts to submit you to many different social bookmarking and networking sites.
  • Category Icons - makes it easy to assign small and large icons for every category (take a look on my sidebar).
  • Google Sitemaps - this plugin generates a Google Sitemaps compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog.
  • Spam Karma - must have! It will stop spammers. You will just forget about spam in comments.
  • Photopress or Familypress - THIS IS what you are looking for if you like the way my gallery is organized. (but as usual I have hacked it a bit).

I plan some changes in blog content also:

There where MANY requests for new Articles about design and photography. Believe me, I read every e-mail comes to me and don’t think I forgot if I don’t answer. I will try to cover most requests.

I also want to start publishing reviews of good places in photography field. There are many sites which provide good services and tutorials.

There was long time no updates. Forgive me, but I have much work. I hope this situation will change soon, so, I will publish new works.

And AGAIN let me say THANK YOU! to every visitor of my site. You can’t imagine, how huge your support is. Believe me, no one will run blog without comments and e-mails.

So, welcome to the rebutted Roge Photo Ladder. And happiness to you! CSS Reboot ! digg:Blog CSS Reboot ! spurl:Blog CSS Reboot ! wists:Blog CSS Reboot ! simpy:Blog CSS Reboot ! newsvine:Blog CSS Reboot ! blinklist:Blog CSS Reboot ! furl:Blog CSS Reboot ! reddit:Blog CSS Reboot ! fark:Blog CSS Reboot ! blogmarks:Blog CSS Reboot ! Y!:Blog CSS Reboot ! smarking:Blog CSS Reboot ! magnolia:Blog CSS Reboot ! segnalo:Blog CSS Reboot !

5 Responses to “Blog CSS Reboot !”

  1. mchec Says:

    Добрый день!
    Я сделал трансляцию Вашего сайта в ленту ЖЖ, теперь к ней могут присоединяться пользователи

    Вот сылка с сообщением:

  2. mchec Says:

    А трансляция дает то, что пользователи, те из них которые подписались смогут регулярно видеть новые записи с Вашего блога у себя в ленте друзей.
    Транслируется rss-поток блога.

    А сделал на самом деле, чтобы следить за изменениями в Вашем блоге и поскольку сосздал трансляцию, то и приглашаю других присоединиться, потому как ваши работы достойны восхищения!

    А есть у Вас не студийные работы?

  3. roge Says:

    Я какраз дизайн правлю сижу )… Спасибо за трансляцию, мне уже пояснили что это такое.

    Нет, не студийных нет. Однако надеюсь в скором времени сделать несколько работ леса, т.к. лес для меня это что то очень одушевленное… пока не сформировалась идея, но все же найду время и силы.

  4. Stefano Says:

    I wanted to send you a email but the form doesn’t work, sorry…

    Excuse me, can i ask you something of photopress that you use in your blog?
    How have you hacked photopress? I would make the gallery like your, with the single photos linked to a post on the blog… I suppose have you edited the pp_album.php file… If not, what?

    Sorry again and if it’s too annoying for you, no problem

    thank you anyway!

    Congratulation for your works!

    Stefano form Italy

  5. Дарья Says:

    отлично, будем ждать лес!

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