Around of every “there”

…born and lives “here”. of every  digg:Around of every  spurl:Around of every  wists:Around of every  simpy:Around of every  newsvine:Around of every  blinklist:Around of every  furl:Around of every  reddit:Around of every  fark:Around of every  blogmarks:Around of every  Y!:Around of every  smarking:Around of every  magnolia:Around of every  segnalo:Around of every

17 Responses to “Around of every “there””

  1. evilPrince Says:

    this is just beautiful…. how do u say beautiful in russian??

  2. discount Says:

    nie wiem jak fonetycznie pięknie (beautiful) napisać, ale po polsku to będzie krasiwo [kpacibo - or something like that ’cause i don’t have russian keyboard :) ]

  3. TaxidermysT Says:

    Было бы очень неплохо еслиб вы написали “step by step tutorial” на примере кого-нибуль из ваших шедевров. Очень….. очень…. КРАСИВО.

  4. roge Says:

    evilPrince: krasivo. )
    TaxidermysT: Спасибо. А вот статьи такой я не стану писать… каюсь, я ревнив к своему творчеству ). А если серьезно, то писать надо трактат в коем философию развивать, я попытался и пока отложил, на это уходит очень много времени. Много спрашивают о свете, но тут совершенно не понятно о чем писать, к примеру портрет выше, два источника софт правее от модели и маленький софт почти в лицо )) и вся наука.

  5. Mark Marek Says:

    krasivo :o )

  6. Raisa Says:


  7. Alex_Z Says:

    Просто шикарно

  8. Jynx D5 Says:

    The look in her eyes emphasized by the disturbing angles formed by her eyebrows and nose lines… The choice of background and those two dark spots in the shadowy area on the left and how they align to her eyes… Her left cheek lacks highlight which makes look a bit flat compared to her right cheek. Maybe she has uneven cheeks especially that the lighting seems correct or maybe it’s a retouching flaw. Thanks for leaving a flaw cause otherwise it would’ve been simply perfect… прекрасный!

  9. Lucho Says:

    It’s funny, but it looks so out of this world, that when I noticed the jewelry it was like… a sudden realization that this is after all a real human being on the picture.
    Beautiful anyway! :-)

  10. swarup Says:

    I don’t know what is good about it …………. Everything is just best ……. just look at the eyes it really talks

  11. ds Says:

    It is amazing how the art can join people from different countries.

  12. ashok ahuja Says:

    AMAZING AGAIN.deserves another WOW

  13. Mister Bark composer Says:

    simply wonderfull ! :) ))
    a really good job ! many thanks that’s (and she’s) beautiful !

  14. Ralf Says:

    You have created a fantastic feeling of innocence here. One of my favourites of your entire site!

  15. SergeyA Says:

    Взгляд пронзающий, такой большая редкость.

  16. mrseo Says:

    кул девочка!

  17. Says:

    шикарные барышни

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