Impressed by Olga Wallpaper

200.000 unique and a small surprise again )
I have create new Wallpaper using “Impressed by Olga” photo.

roge wallpaper by Olga Wallpaper digg:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper spurl:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper wists:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper simpy:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper newsvine:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper blinklist:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper furl:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper reddit:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper fark:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper blogmarks:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper Y!:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper smarking:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper magnolia:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper segnalo:Impressed by Olga Wallpaper

12 Responses to “Impressed by Olga Wallpaper”

  1. MrNil Says:

    Hi, I found your work on Deviant and this image “Olga” is just breathtaking. Picture and model.

  2. roge Says:

    Thank you Nil!

  3. s7en Says:

    One word = WONDERFUL!
    The best wallpaper I’ve EVER seen!!

  4. .i dream in red. Says:

    very nice!

  5. Brix Says:

    wow, every time when I comtemplate your images, its just Gorgeous!!!!, I love your work. Lovely!!!

  6. will Says:

    one of the most beautifull pictures iv seen in a long time!

  7. Давид (создание сайтов) Says:

    The best wallpaper

  8. nour adra Says:

    Roge, your work is worh contemplation…

    mne tak nravitsa sanimka olgi….

  9. Stephen Hudecki Says:


  10. logan Says:

    Your choice in model is amazing. I honestly feel as if I am in love with her. I am certain that I am.

  11. liven Says:

    The best wallpaper

  12. flake Says:

    Шикарный Ракурс..

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