Impressed by Olga

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44 Responses to “Impressed by Olga”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Your work is excellent you are among the best!

  2. tomi Says:

    man, i was looking on this pictures whit open mouth…
    it´s really great job you do!!!!!
    tanx, cause you learn me how to do a really good fotos.

  3. my Says:


  4. ashok ahuja Says:

    lucky sofa.just joking.reminds me of a pear.he he.seriously a very provocative sexy can call it almost a soft porn.but still its fun.

  5. bob Says:

    that is sickening

  6. bob Says:

    im just kidding great work! how do u do it

  7. andy mc Says:

    I am not a great fan of pictures well not as art anyway,but your work is stunning the portrait of Olga beautiful the red is so vivid. thank you :~)

  8. rich Says:

    very good photo, do you use Photoshop for color ?

  9. fuckin asshole Says:

    good fuckin work

  10. Carlos Says:


    Your photography is art. Your lighting, composition and selection of models takes your photographs to a dimension that has only been reached by very few photographers/artists.

    Your work reminds me of the work of Francis Giacobetti, a world famous photographer with Lui Magazine and photographer of several Pirelli calendars.

    I tried ordering some of your prints but your 2CO link is not working.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us and continued success into the future.

    Memphis, TN

  11. mroblivious1bmf Says:

    hey, let’s see some brown eye!!

  12. Azazavr Says:

    Impressive.As i remember, S.Kubric used this synthes of colors in his movies.(black&white+red)

  13. me Says:

    a perfect impression of a hart, an the red really brings…contrast
    really great work

  14. BIG RED Says:

    Incredible use of pose and coloring. The model reaches out from the picture with those awesome eyes. Thanks.

  15. china天下有雪 Says:


  16. Ruben Says:

    That hour-glass figure is beautiful

  17. Willie Daniels Says:

    Your photo are truely amazing some of the best I have ever seen. All I can say is wow!

  18. Randy Broderick Says:

    my favorite shot! What a perfect shape and great composition. Cheers!

  19. Randy Says:

    How can any body deny the existence of God after seeing this. I have to say you have captured the essence of femininity…of WOMAN.
    Please post more of your work with Her. Thank you for this.

  20. Uglee Says:

    Nice ass :D

  21. Ranus Says:

    Es una foto muy sexi que demuestra el porque el complemeto del hombre en este mundo es la mujer gracias por capturar esos momentos y plasmarlos en una imagen con un muy buen trabajo

  22. alexsander Says:

    You the best. Hi from Ukrainian

  23. jeffbr77k Says:

    Beautiful composition!

  24. david Says:

    Nice website you have :) … and of course, very nice job you show !!
    I was fighting with a friend to know if this picture was a “montage” (except the obvious color correction). Actually, my friend says the position of your model cannot be done… he says “a woman like that doesn’t exist” !
    I fought with him over an hour now telling him that YES it’s possible…. but please tell me i’m right :)

  25. MANU Says:


  26. Wilkin Says:

    I just spotted your wallpaper of “Impressed by Olga” on And let me tell you, I am fascinated by her too. Her face is just gorgeous; she reminds me of someone I use to know.

    If she is a professional model, what’s her full name so I can do a Google search for more of her pictures?

    Great work by the way. I will be a regular visitor from now on.

    Have a blessed day.

  27. Илья Says:

    красавица.. какие формы :) супер снимок, я влюбился

  28. khaled Says:

    tree belle

  29. Leo Says:

    Are there anymore pictures from Olga that you could show us ?
    She’s just breathtaking!
    I just wonder, where did her legs go to ?

  30. Cody Says:

    Nothing matches the beauty of a woman’s curves. Your work is amazing.

  31. SanTrip Says:

    Ultimate photography…..And the shape of HEART….Wow..!!

  32. Гаврила Says:

    Вот это Ольга…. Вот это я понимаю…. Но красным цветом надо было что-то другое закрасить.

  33. kronna Says:

    какая изящная Ольга, суперррр!!

  34. kronna Says:

    просто бесподобная девушка

  35. btl агентство Says:

    Have a blessed day.

  36. oliver Says:

    great work… this shot is the one that drove me to your site. the lighting, the color, the pose, the model’s expression.. too perfect.

    the first thing i noticed though was a perfect butt in the shape of a heart.

  37. victor ross Says:


  38. rix weber ( Says:

    wow. nice!

  39. ali imran Says:

    can any 1 please tell me full name of the model!
    and great workd btw ! u rock

  40. giorgia Says:

    Great job!! Can anyone please tell me the name of this model? I’d like to call her for a photo work!! Thank you in advance

  41. Winston Says:

    Description of an Angel,

  42. Genie Says:

    I was looking for the original foto and after one year i found the website and it still my wallpaper best picture keep up the good work

  43. itsinside Says:

    sexy and hot

  44. Fr33Ag3nt Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, the woman is dazzling and her beauty portrays everything a man could want. A combination of beauty, love and sex appeal. Great shot!

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