New wallpaper

I have done new wallpaper using “I only fly away” photo.

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9 Responses to “New wallpaper”

  1. MIFF Says:


  2. .i dream in red. Says:

    great wallpaper. im using it for my wallpaper right now. :-)

  3. milky Says:

    you do some wonderful stuff on here - I am using this as my wallpaper at the moment… There is a typo in the note in the top right corner though :p

  4. milky Says:

    correction - seems someone pointed it out elsewhere on the site.

  5. Elena Says:

    I miss beuatiful things here in Norway so much.. but I kind of stopped paying attention to it. and then I had few minutes of free time out of everyday life and had a look at this your site to check your new works.. and now i got this strong and sharp feeling .. OH! I miss beauty here… that kind of a bit refined perfected beauty as an opposite to this type of routh tough and wild beauty - the only type which can be found here… How’s life there in Saint Petersburg?

  6. roge Says:

    Elena: Солнце, спасибо, но что случилось прекрасным и великим русским языком )? Очень приятно узнать, что ты мой зритель. Описывать что у нас и как я тут не стану ) а вот ты, если приедешь, позвони мне, я бы хотел тебя на студии видеть.

  7. Mike Says:

    Over the past month, I’ve studied dozens of sites featuring figure photography, and yours certainly stands out as one of the best, along with that of Christian Coigny ( Your use of light is masterful. If I could eventually take a shot even approaching the work here, I’d be a very happy man, indeed.

  8. Antonio Says:

    Я бы сказал “I just fly away”

  9. Антония Says:

    Классная фотка, так красиво!

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