You are in the world of your own wisdom, your own philosophy, you spoke with yourself and I only have overheard and write this down…

The name from the Greek word philosophy, where “philia” (love) and “sophia” (wisdom)

P.S.: This is remake of old work.  digg:Sophia  spurl:Sophia  wists:Sophia  simpy:Sophia  newsvine:Sophia  blinklist:Sophia  furl:Sophia  reddit:Sophia  fark:Sophia  blogmarks:Sophia  Y!:Sophia  smarking:Sophia  magnolia:Sophia  segnalo:Sophia

30 Responses to “Sophia”

  1. fotoley Says:

    Гениально. Вспоминаю часто- а это лучшая примета удачного кадра.

  2. Administrator Says:

    fotoley: Ты знаешь, из всех работ, эта та, где я не постесняюсь сам сказать, что это очень хорошо и да простят мне не скромность )

    И я рад, что тут наши мнения совпали.

  3. petatrix Says:

    you do a really great job.
    sensuous women in soft light.

  4. Anastacia Says:

    Егор, уже около года наблюдаю за твоим творчеством :) Никогда не писала отзывов, просто молча любовалась работами. Это действительно красиво! :) Спасибо тебе.

  5. Arne Says:

    I admire much of your work, but “Sophia” is one of my favorites. Not only is the composition, the pose and the lighting extraordinary, but the rapport that she has with the lens (and the viewer) is immediate and emotional. Thank you for sharing your excellent work and inspiring the rest of us to keep up with your vision.

  6. Russel Says:

    Your work is the best I’ve ever seen. Your balance seems to be just right ! Congratulations and good luck !

  7. ArturoCE Says:


  8. Tamer Says:

    you pose your models very very good, very artistic

  9. g_igor Says:

    В восхищении, волшебно!

  10. Ron Dollins Says:

    Wise enough to leave love out?

  11. china Says:


  12. Vladislav Says:

    Probably your best one.

  13. Sandra Says:

    Such beautiful shapes and lines make up this image, wonderful photograph

  14. abdalmjid Says:

    hloo you pose your models very very good, very artistic
    انت فنانة مبدعة وتتميز لوحاتك بتكوين جيد جدا وبنعومة تريح العين وتسر النضر
    im abdalmjid from libya im cameraman

  15. Randy Says:


  16. zadis Says:

    I admire this cute woman’s body shape. Her tits are just marvelous. Were do you get all this great beauties from?

    continoue like that. you do a great work!

  17. John Says:

    Great Boobs they are beautiful

  18. Oybek Says:

    Девуша из мрамора…. :) Красота !!!

  19. Julio Carvalho Says:

    Seu trabalho demonstra bom-gosto e sensibilidade. Delicadeza no trato das imagens e luzes.

  20. cij Says:

    На такое не устанешь смотреть

  21. Арина Says:

    хороша девушка, это вы с натуры? повезло вам…

  22. Земфира Says:

    была бы я мужчиной, наверное эту профессию бы выбрала)

  23. Baby names search - Search for sophia Says:

    […] Roge Photo Home ” Sophia […]

  24. Май Says:

    почему вы рисуете только худых девушек?

  25. Диана Says:

    Jeg beundrer denne søte kvinnens kropp form. Hennes puppene er bare fantastisk. Var får du alt dette store beauties fra?

    continoue sånn. du gjør en flott arbeid!

  26. King Says:

    а девушка наша ? русская ?

  27. Дарья Says:

    И фотограф классный и натурщица!
    Успехов в творчестве.

  28. goodok Says:

    Я “вижу” за её плечами крылышки!
    Егор, то что вы делаете - просто нереально здОрово!

  29. Cyphor Says:

    Never seen a feminine bosom portrayed in such a candid and modest fashion anywhere before. Usually, models are asked to thrust their chest forward and arch their back to highlight the fullness of their breasts. But here, you have made no such desperate efforts and still you have captured her gorgeousness in all its natural glory.

  30. Thomas Says:

    lets just experiance “agape”, and admire it all! this sense is super,Igor!Thanks

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