Second css reboot in 2006

December 5th, 2006 Posted in General

Here we go… I finally got some responses about my previous reset and… they was not good. Friends told me that the design itself was good but too usual, without any author spirit.
I got many visitors here, people leave comments, write to me, discuss… why no one has sad that I was blind and my previous reset was bad ))?

Anyway, sorry for so many redesigns and welcome to the 3th version of site. I only hope you will like it.

Blog CSS Reboot !

October 30th, 2006 Posted in General

Looks like 80% done. This is new look and feel of “Roge Photo Ladder” in 2006.

What for have I changed design? There where many reasons. First of all I’m tired from the old version. It was necessary to me to have more spacious and easy design in which blog would be easy to write. My previous version was to complex for navigation and extension.

I also should notice that my previous design has been stolen minimum two times (which I have found). Shame on you guys! (… but I am proud of this =) )

I have changed my Prints delivery service. The company name is ImageKind and I would like to try their service.

As you can see I’m switched to 1024×768 layout. There steel visitors with 800×600 monitors but I can’t continue to support this resolution. The photosite which shows large images needs space.

As usual the whole site is powered by most good blog engine Wordpress.

I would like to say Thank You to the authors of plugins I use:

  • Adsence-Delux - the best way to insert Google Adcense in to your wordpress blog.
  • WP-Notable - this plugin will insert links to your posts to submit you to many different social bookmarking and networking sites.
  • Category Icons - makes it easy to assign small and large icons for every category (take a look on my sidebar).
  • Google Sitemaps - this plugin generates a Google Sitemaps compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog.
  • Spam Karma - must have! It will stop spammers. You will just forget about spam in comments.
  • Photopress or Familypress - THIS IS what you are looking for if you like the way my gallery is organized. (but as usual I have hacked it a bit).

I plan some changes in blog content also:

There where MANY requests for new Articles about design and photography. Believe me, I read every e-mail comes to me and don’t think I forgot if I don’t answer. I will try to cover most requests.

I also want to start publishing reviews of good places in photography field. There are many sites which provide good services and tutorials.

There was long time no updates. Forgive me, but I have much work. I hope this situation will change soon, so, I will publish new works.

And AGAIN let me say THANK YOU! to every visitor of my site. You can’t imagine, how huge your support is. Believe me, no one will run blog without comments and e-mails.

So, welcome to the rebutted Roge Photo Ladder. And happiness to you!

Wordpress contacts plugin with attachments

October 20th, 2006 Posted in General

My site requires contacts form which allow users to attach files with messages. I was using very good plugin by Ryan Wp-ContactForm for a long time but it doesnt support file attachments.

As I understood from searching on google many people need same thing on their sites. So, I decided to hack Ryans version and add attachments feature.

Please note: This is temporal hack because Im sure Ryan will add same functionality in next versions. Also, all credits should go to the original plugin author because my hack is only 15 php strings.

This hack doesnt provide any additional options in to admin panel. But you can setup the maximum size of attached files:

Go to wp-contactform.php and change the value of $attachment_max_size parameter. Note: it should be set in KB.

I have add 3 file upload fields, but you can change their number. Just go to wp-contactform.php, file fields starting from line 214. Simply add or remove them. Do not forgot to setup different NAME attribute for every field you add.


Wp-ContactForm with attachments addon


Just upload to /plugins/ folder and activate.


Create a post or a page and press the Contact Form quicktag where you want the form to be. If you dont see the Contact Form quicktag, you can alternatively copy and paste <!contact form> where you want it to appear.

For more information about original plugin and installation help go to Ryans page.

P.S. Don’t have time for fixes, so, I just archived the version from my server which works fine.

Digital photo print service to sell your art

October 18th, 2006 Posted in Photography

Speaking about web places which are useful for art or commercial photographer it is necessary to pay attention on services where artist can sell his work.

Currently there are many digital photo print services which allow you to do this and trust me I have try many of them. But looks like developers of these services are not close to a life of a photographer and not well understand his needs.

Finally I have found photo print service which is close to my own needs and I want to share this site with you.

First of all, lets think about requests we might have to such service:

- Galleries management and easy photo upload.
- Photo management including Name, Description and Tags
- WYSIWYG Print editor. What You See Is What You Get.
- Easy and clear prizes management
- Easy and clear photo rights management
- Delivery to most world Countries
- Statistics of Earnings
- Easy way to point visitors of our home sites to the print service gallery
- All kind of programs to promote your work

ImageKindThe service name I want to present to you is ImageKind and it covers most of features I described. More of it, ImageKind provides good support which allow you to request features and they really work on your requests.

Galleries management and easy photo upload:

ImageKind is one of Web 2.0 modern applications which supports the Ajax technology. That means you do not need to refresh the whole page content during site navigation.

There are not many applications which really need and know how to use Ajax in to usable way. But definitely, the service which works with large images, must support this technology.

The gallery management and photo upload of ImageKind worth 5/5. It is possible to sort the gallery using Drag and Drop, I can see the progress of large image upload, I can rename any image right from the gallery page using Ajax technology.

WYSIWYG Print editor. What You See Is What You Get:

Here we go. This is the most important feature for the artist. I WANT TO SEE how my final (framed, glassed and matted) print will look like.

Every digital photo print service provides ability to select picture frame. But frame is very important part of your work and it is obvious that you need to take a look on your framed artwork.

ImageKind allow you not only select a frame and mate for you art print but also preview your final print! And this all is done using Ajax and without any additional page refreshes, so, it is fast!

Easy and clear prizes management:

ImageKind allow you to setup prizes not only for every piece of art but also to the whole gallery. You can set the fixed prize in dollars or set markup in percentage.

The prizes preview will show you detailed information of final print cost based on basic prize you have entered.

Easy way to point visitors of our home sites to the print service gallery:

The way you can point your home page users to your prints gallery is not the strongest part of ImageKind. Currently the only way you can do this is to place the stylized link directly to your ImageKind personal page, you can take a look on my Prints page to see such link.

I have discuss possible extensions in this field with ImageKind. My suggestions are:

- Plugins for every well known blog engine which will show gallery thumbnails from ImageKind site directly inside my home page. Where every thumbnail should point on shopping page of ImageKind.
- Simple HTML (JavaScript) code which I can place in to my Prints page to expose my ImageKind prints.

The support team of ImageKind has sad they like the ideas and they will work on it. This is not only the good feature for art authors but also great advantage for ImageKind itself because such linking system will rise up their PageRank, and this is also good for art authors to!

All kind of programs to promote your work:

ImageKind provides some programs to promote your work over search engines and over ImageKind search. I havent used them right now, but I think I will try and let you know about the results.

As the resume, I can say, ImageKind is definitely one of the most friendly digital photo print service for photographer. And I recommend you to try it!

Impressed by Olga Wallpaper

April 19th, 2006 Posted in General

200.000 unique and a small surprise again )
I have create new Wallpaper using “Impressed by Olga” photo.

roge wallpaper

Awake wallpaper

February 6th, 2006 Posted in General

100.000 unique visitors! Thank you! Hope somebody have found something interesting here.

I have create new Wallpaper using “awake” photo.

roge wallpaper

It is cold here.

January 20th, 2006 Posted in General

coldDoesn’t matter where are you from my visitor, but you better don’t visit the Russia next month =)

I don’t know the author of this shot, but I really like it )! Was taken day ago.

New wallpaper

January 19th, 2006 Posted in General

I have done new wallpaper using “I only fly away” photo.

roge wallpaper

Wordpress 2.0, Photopress, redesign

January 9th, 2006 Posted in General

I have switch to Wordpress 2.0. Actually haven’t found any critical changes, but the whole system is now a bit stable. Also a small redesign to stretch the canvas width. The site is steel optimized to 800×600 but now it uses the whole 800 screen width.

working fine in Wordpress 2.0

Photopress steel my favorite for photo posting and gallery organization. There are many new features but please note I have done some hacks to Photopress to use it in the way I do.

So, if you will find any bugs in the near future, please let me know. And thanks to plugins developers.

Ragged edges photo frames

December 10th, 2005 Posted in General

ragged edges photo frames tutorialNew tutorial which explains how to create ragged edges, fuzzy, photo frames without additional plugins, using Photoshop filters only.

Ragged edges photo frames