Welcome to Roge photo ladder

January 1st, 1970 Posted in General

Hello and welcome to my personal blogfolio. This site dedicated to my works and articles in photography area. My real name is Egor. Pseudonym Roge is just the turned name.

I run blog because I not only shoot images but also love to write some words under them, anyway, please take a look and leave some comments, light words help me to continue my work. Happiness to you!

Твоей кожи смуглой касаться…

August 5th, 2014 Posted in General

Твоей кожи смуглой касаться

Below is one of my poems. It’s on Russian. Can’t translate.

Твоей кожи смуглой касаться,
взглядом шеи бархат ласкать.
И чуть влажной искрой любоваться,
не по возрасту дивных глаз.

От плеча, гладя руку неспешно,
холод ветра нежно согнать.
Взять в ладонь твои тонкие пальцы,
наклониться и их целовать.

Изумляться движениям плавным,
каждый жест твой без слов понимать.
На губах и печать и игривость,
не касаясь, беззвучно читать.

Этот тихий, таинственный танец,
станет гимном для двух влюбленных.
Я как рыцарь спущусь на колено,
победителем средь побежденных.

My works on “Ping Yao photography festival”

September 27th, 2009 Posted in General, Blog

Roge on pip show

I had my first Asian country exhibition! People from “CBS Interactive China” contacted me and helped to organize everything. Big thanks to Allen Teng who helped all this to come true. First, before the show, Allen published some of my works on their WEB site and translated general information about me in to Chinese (Roge photo gallery in Chinese). And second he printed everything for the show itself.

The exhibition called “Ping Yao photography festival”. This show was important step for me, as I never exposed anything to Asian people and it was VERY interesting to find out Chinese people attitude to my work.

Unfortunately I was too busy these days and had no chances to visit the exhibition by myself.  Allen send me some pictures from show and told me that my works was one of the most popular part of whole exhibition!

I’m really surprised and happy with this. So, I want to thank Allen again and all the people who visited the exhibition.

I worked with Chinese people and really love them and the country itself, but now I know, I also have my spectators in China!

Japan nature (High resolution wallpaper)

December 30th, 2008 Posted in Design

Kamakura shrine wallpaper

Happy New Year! Thank you for being with me this year and I hope to see you in 2009. Here is the small present for you. Somebody requested a desctop wallpaper with Japanese nature. This one I made from my panoramas from Kamakura city. Attached is my Vista Aero desctop sample. Don’t forget to switch desctop icons font to black :)

Kamakura nature wallpaper: [800×600]
Kamakura nature wallpaper: [1024×768]
Kamakura nature wallpaper: [1152×864]
Kamakura nature wallpaper: [1280×1024]
Kamakura nature wallpaper: [1280×960]
Kamakura nature wallpaper: [1600×1200]
Wide screen wallpaper: [1680×1050]
Wide screen wallpaper: [1920×1200]

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Comiket 2008 in Tokyo

August 26th, 2008 Posted in General

Comiket cosplayers Comiket cosplayers Comiket cosplayers Comiket cosplayers

Tokyo comic show - comiket Tokyo comic show - comiket Tokyo comic show - comiket Tokyo comic show - comiket

This time i’ve been on biggest comic world show ”Comiket” in Tokyo. Grate show with a huge number of visitors. Millions of people visiting this place during 3 days.

More then 20 halls with small tables. Each table belongs to comic artist. The book with complete list of outhors was about 600 pages :) The idea of comiket is to promote amateur comic authors. Another point is that some of them don’t have license to use well known characters in their comic books and the only place they can officially expose and sell their art is this show.

90% of books are dedicated to different kind of adult stuff. This place covers all of possible sexual dreams :) I’ve faced with some problems when I’ve started to take pictures. Some guys asked me to stop, because some places over there expose very hard stuff :) I’ve try to be polite and took only general pictures without any concrete books or authors.

Overall feeling: The show is grate and the whole comic market and comic culture is VERY interesting. Maybe I’m not a fun of this, but for me it is interesting. I think this is good hobby!

Here is small photo report. A picture of show building (small part of it) + some inside pictures + cosplayer. Actually for me cosplayers are the most cute and interesting part of show :) They look very sexy and funny :)

Thx to all the cosplayers posed for me. And thx Japan for this grate experience!

Japan trip 1 (Tokyo and Kamakura)

July 24th, 2008 Posted in Photography, Trips

tokyo 1 Japan 2 Japan 3Japan 4

This summer I’ve been twice in Japan. Definitely one of the most beautiful countries I’ve seen. I just arrived back in Russia but I already miss Tokyo :) and people there.

Here are some pictures and panoramas I’ve made during the trips. This time Tokyo and Kamakura. I will upload more in next posts. Thx to all people who helped me in Japan and guided me in Tokyo and other places!

Windows Vista Aero theme optimized wallpaper

June 27th, 2008 Posted in Design

desctop vista wallpaper odalisque

Another wallpaper for my visitors. This time I have optimize it for Windows Vista Aero theme. You can see my desctop screenshot. The original Odalisque photo has more colors, but as long as Vista Aero skin is more black, I have decide to desaturate the picture. Anyway, here are all sizes including widescreen.

vista desctop wallpaper: [800×600]
vista desctop wallpaper: [1024×768]
vista desctop wallpaper: [1152×864]
vista desctop wallpaper: [1280×1024]
vista desctop wallpaper: [1280×960]
vista desctop wallpaper: [1600×1200]
Wide screen wallpaper: [1680×1050]
Wide screen wallpaper: [1920×1200]

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FHM Magazine interview and photos

March 12th, 2008 Posted in General

FHM interview by roge

FHM magazine (Spain edition) published my photos and extract from the interview. Unfortunately, the whole interview was too big to be included. I cite the complete version of interview on the site:

“Interview for the FHM magazine”

I would like to thank the redactor of FHM Paul Van Scherpenzeel and the picture editor Ruth Varillas for the publication.

Shame that image of Amaia Salamanca on the cover is not mine :)

New Desctop wallpaper: Late to you for a century

March 7th, 2007 Posted in General

desctop wallpaper

I have just finished my new free wallpaper. This time I have used my previous year photo “Late to you for a century”. This one is dark again, I hope it will be good with new windows vista look and feel (also black).

As usual, I have tried to cover as many desktop sizes as possible. I also included new wide screen wallpaper size 1280×960. If you have special size request, then please leave your requests as comments in this post. Don’t know if somebody interested in mobile wallpapers? Anyway, also please leave requests here.

Current desctop sizes available are: 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×1024, 1280×960, 1600×1200 Special wide screen editions: 1680×1050, 1920×1200 And special portrait screen edition: 1024×1280

You will find new wallpaper in to Downloads area.

Do you celebrate 8th Mart in your country? We do. And I wish all beautiful woman around the world: Let flowers, tenderness and kisses surround you all your live.

Smugmug professional account

January 23rd, 2007 Posted in Photography

SmugMugFrom the first look the well known photography service SmugMug can scare you with the sign up price. I was wondering that service, without any kind of free accounts, is such a popular place.

After reading of their forum I have decide to try SmugMug. The only account type which cover all my needs was professional. 150$ for one year is not a low price for photo sharing and hosting service.

But don’t worry, you will have a chance to try all the professional futures without any payments! It is not obvious from site design and sign up procedure but it is true. Feel free to join and don’t afraid of money question )).

And I wasn’t disappointed. I can say SmugMug was done by photographers for photographers. So, what is inside?:

  • Well done organized galleries management with possibility to work with bunch of photos
  • Usable photo uploading (different way but I recommend Java applet)
  • Very usable and understandable pricing management. Prices can be applied not only for one photo but for the whole gallery or for all the photos you have uploaded
  • Different kind of photo protections including watermarks and right click protection
  • Absolute freedom in your page look and feel setup! Supports html, css, javascript
  • Set of tools to work with your photos including crop, rotate, color setting, brightness, contrast etc… Such tools will help you to prepare your photo for printing
  • Very nice statistics. You will see not only visitors, but also sizes of photos they saw and the amount of traffic they generated
  • Huge amount of print options. Different sizes and paper

I was enjoined to browse and use SmugMug and have transfered all my prints to this service.