Japan trip 1 (Tokyo and Kamakura)

July 24th, 2008 Posted in Photography, Trips

tokyo 1 Japan 2 Japan 3Japan 4

Этим летом я дважды побывал в Японии. Это определенно самая красивая страна из тех что я видел. Я только что вернулся, но уже скучаю по Токио и его жителям :)

Выкладываю несколько фото и панорам, что я сделал во время поездок. На этот раз Токио и Камакура. Позже выложу другие. Спасибо всем людям, которые принимали меня в Японии и помогли посмотреть столько красивых мест!

Smugmug professional account

January 23rd, 2007 Posted in Photography

SmugMugFrom the first look the well known photography service SmugMug can scare you with the sign up price. I was wondering that service, without any kind of free accounts, is such a popular place.

After reading of their forum I have decide to try SmugMug. The only account type which cover all my needs was professional. 150$ for one year is not a low price for photo sharing and hosting service.

But don’t worry, you will have a chance to try all the professional futures without any payments! It is not obvious from site design and sign up procedure but it is true. Feel free to join and don’t afraid of money question )).

And I wasn’t disappointed. I can say SmugMug was done by photographers for photographers. So, what is inside?:

  • Well done organized galleries management with possibility to work with bunch of photos
  • Usable photo uploading (different way but I recommend Java applet)
  • Very usable and understandable pricing management. Prices can be applied not only for one photo but for the whole gallery or for all the photos you have uploaded
  • Different kind of photo protections including watermarks and right click protection
  • Absolute freedom in your page look and feel setup! Supports html, css, javascript
  • Set of tools to work with your photos including crop, rotate, color setting, brightness, contrast etc… Such tools will help you to prepare your photo for printing
  • Very nice statistics. You will see not only visitors, but also sizes of photos they saw and the amount of traffic they generated
  • Huge amount of print options. Different sizes and paper

I was enjoined to browse and use SmugMug and have transfered all my prints to this service.

Digital photo print service to sell your art

October 18th, 2006 Posted in Photography

Speaking about web places which are useful for art or commercial photographer it is necessary to pay attention on services where artist can sell his work.

Currently there are many digital photo print services which allow you to do this and trust me I have try many of them. But looks like developers of these services are not close to a life of a photographer and not well understand his needs.

Finally I have found photo print service which is close to my own needs and I want to share this site with you.

First of all, let’s think about requests we might have to such service:

- Galleries management and easy photo upload.
- Photo management including Name, Description and Tags
- WYSIWYG Print editor. “What You See Is What You Get”.
- Easy and clear prizes management
- Easy and clear photo rights management
- Delivery to most world Countries
- Statistics of Earnings
- Easy way to point visitors of our home sites to the print service gallery
- All kind of programs to promote your work

ImageKindThe service name I want to present to you is ImageKind and it covers most of features I described. More of it, ImageKind provides good support which allow you to request features and they really work on your requests.

Galleries management and easy photo upload:

ImageKind is one of “Web 2.0 modern applications” which supports the Ajax technology. That means you do not need to refresh the whole page content during site navigation.

There are not many applications which really need and know how to use Ajax in to usable way. But definitely, the service which works with large images, must support this technology.

The gallery management and photo upload of ImageKind worth 5/5. It is possible to sort the gallery using Drag and Drop, I can see the progress of large image upload, I can rename any image right from the gallery page using Ajax technology.

WYSIWYG Print editor. “What You See Is What You Get”:

Here we go. This is the most important feature for the artist. I WANT TO SEE how my final (framed, glassed and matted) print will look like.

Every digital photo print service provides ability to select picture frame. But frame is very important part of your work and it is obvious that you need to take a look on your framed artwork.

ImageKind allow you not only select a frame and mate for you art print but also preview your final print! And this all is done using Ajax and without any additional page refreshes, so, it is fast!

Easy and clear prizes management:

ImageKind allow you to setup prizes not only for every piece of art but also to the whole gallery. You can set the fixed prize in dollars or set markup in percentage.

The prizes preview will show you detailed information of final print cost based on basic prize you have entered.

Easy way to point visitors of our home sites to the print service gallery:

The way you can point your home page users to your prints gallery is not the strongest part of ImageKind. Currently the only way you can do this is to place the stylized link directly to your ImageKind personal page, you can take a look on my Prints page to see such link.

I have discuss possible extensions in this field with ImageKind. My suggestions are:

- Plugins for every well known blog engine which will show gallery thumbnails from ImageKind site directly inside my home page. Where every thumbnail should point on shopping page of ImageKind.
- Simple HTML (JavaScript) code which I can place in to my Prints page to expose my ImageKind prints.

The support team of ImageKind has sad they like the ideas and they will work on it. This is not only the good feature for art authors but also great advantage for ImageKind itself because such linking system will rise up their PageRank, and this is also good for art authors to!

All kind of programs to promote your work:

ImageKind provides some programs to promote your work over search engines and over ImageKind search. I haven’t used them right now, but I think I will try and let you know about the results.

As the resume, I can say, ImageKind is definitely one of the most friendly digital photo print service for photographer. And I recommend you to try it!

Art Nudes blog

December 9th, 2005 Posted in Photography

Nude art blogIf you are interested in nude art sites here is the good place for you: Art Nudes blog detached opinion on different styles in artistic nudes.

The blog author Michael Barnes will show you best sites in Internet with short description (which I always read because he doesn’t define, he only describes with very exact words and leaves spectacular with his own opinion).

Since I was started to edit DMOZ category Figure and Nude I use Michael’s blog as source of good places to review. So, thanx to blog authors for such a good resource!

Talking photos

November 8th, 2005 Posted in Photography

After 20 minutes of translation of the signature under last work I have finally decided to duplicate the text in Russian. I love to speak with photo but my knowledge of English does not suffice to state conceived.

Glossy Magazine Skin Retouch part 1

November 8th, 2005 Posted in Photography

I have publish a new tutorial which is continuation of set about photo retouch. This one covers very important part and is the main step in skin retouch. Please take a look, hope will be helpful.

glossy skin retouch

Texture Bin

November 8th, 2005 Posted in Photography

Really nice place if you need a well quality texture for your photo artwork. It is hard to find good textures of dirty wals, old papers, rusty metal, so, if you don’t have time to create your own texture, here is Texture Bin - site which i use some times.

photo texturephoto texture

Photo Textures. Sky stars

November 8th, 2005 Posted in Photography

sky stars texture tutorialSky Stars Tutorial

I have publish a new tutorial. Might be helpful if you need a high quality sky stars texture. A complete photoshop action is attached at the end of tutorial.

Patch tool tutorial

November 8th, 2005 Posted in Photography

patch tool tutorialFinnaly. I have publish one of my tutorials. The problem of publishing for new site is the design. I haven’t finnish css styles for tutorials ( So, it may look not good =).

Anyway, take a look. This tutorial will explain my usage of patch tool in model skin retouch. May be nothing new… but it is always interesting how people work with their photos. So, I will publish my methods.

And another good link and beutiful site! I have found it during my googling about text/image css formating. The resource is SimpleBits and a small article I have found is Image Floating. Well, this site goes to my respect links.